Appraisal Valuation


Based upon long experiences in appraisal/valuation fields in Japan as well as many countries, we structure valuation framework correspondent to the needs from clients promptly and widely. We also aim to develop the timely and proper / fair valuation services in liaison with the local experts. At the same time, we aim to be responsible for enlightening the local society where “property valuation system” has not been yet familiar with. We believe that the knowledge infrastructure of the valuation will provide further stability of the market in the country of Cambodia.
• Appraisal of Investment Properties
Appraisal of income producing properties such as residential, office, logistics properties
Appraisal of operational properties such as hotels, golf courses, infrastructures, and solar power facilities
Appraisal of land to be developed
• General Real Estate Appraisal
Appraisal in accordance with property transaction and/or exchange
Appraisal related with corporate M&A/ share exchange/ corporate separation
Appraisal related with corporate bankruptcies (civil/corporate rehabilitation)
Appraisal related with fair value financial reporting
Appraisal related with property finance
Appraisal for condemnation
Appraisal of land rent and building rent
Appraisal of superficies, leaseholds and tenures
• Appraisal of Other Asset Types
Valuation of plant & machinery
Valuation of business and corporation
• Researches
Market analysis and Marketability analysis
Highest and best use analysis
Feasibility studies