Japan Valuers (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd

   Japan Valuers (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd

Japan Valuers (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, is a valuation specialist and commercial real estate consulting firm serving both individual and institutional clients operating in Cambodia whose purposes include, but not limited to:

  • Financial reporting (IFRS)
  • Secured Lending
  • Insurance purpose
  • Litigation support and insolvency proceedings
  • M&A and other buy and sell transactions
  • Tax reporting
  • Others….

Corporate Philosophy:

  • We aim to be a credible expert corps in the field of real estate, based on flexible thinking and broad energy to take actions.
  • We are to become an organization that our “Existence” itself is appreciated in the society.

Business Philosophy:

  • The purpose of our work is to contribute one’s decision-making process through deriving “The Optimum Solution”.
  • The subject of our work is “People’s Life Space” embodied by the combination of human and natural resources.
  • We respect the “Modesty” where we always ask why-questions to ourselves.
  • We become “True Specialists” who are capable of untangling the complicated problems.
  • We appreciate both “Power of Individuals” and “Excellence of Teamwork”, and achieve mutual growth.